It is commonly believed that the primary function of dreams is to psychologically balance and compensate for matters left unsettled during our waking hours. In the dream world, the censors of our mind dissipate and the material in our heads becomes fluid and nonlinear—our past memories, fears and desires all surface symbolically, revealing to us a deeper understanding of ourselves. Metaphorically, this is how I have come to understand my photographic work. I see my photographs as visual manifestations of my subconscious mind—images that bypass intellectualization to reveal authentic feeling.



Russell Joslin has worked primarily in photography since the early 90s, and additionally as a publisher and editor since 2000. His photographs have been internationally published and exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions. In 2018, he founded Skeleton Key Press, following his 17-year tenure as the sole Owner, Editor & Publisher of the independent photography journal SHOTS. Alone Forever Sometimes, Joslin’s first monograph of self-portraits, was published in 2019. He has also authored two acclaimed books as editor: Black Forest (Candela Books, 2014) and Series of Dreams (SKP, 2018). He lives and works in Oslo, Norway.


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Black & white images are 11x14 gelatin silver prints in editions of 15. Contact Russell for pricing and availability.


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Portrait by Mark Sink & Kristen Hatgi Sink




ALONE FOREVER SOMETIMES (Self-Portraits 2000-2019)